Synth's I Met You
Review by Ross Anthony

An imaginative opening to a documentary about an imaginative guy waxes acoustical physics based words of wisdom and even philosophy from the inventor of the synthesizer (as we know it). The documentary is mostly one long interview with Bob Moog which is punctuated by conversations with some key (no pun intended) users of Moog keyboards -- especially in the earlier years.

Rick Wakeman (of Genesis) seems tickled pink to talk with Moog about how his instrument "Changed the face of music." Rick is mostly amusing, but makes a rather un-pc wife joke. Bernie Worrell is present during that awkward, Wakeman-dominated discussion Worrell barely gets a word in edgewise, but says a great deal more in a brief but awesome keyboard solo.

Moog is a curious fellow still brimming with the wonder and spirit of invention. It's a joy to hear him talk, though he might wax a little metaphysical near the end. Also maladroit, some conversations have an odd unnaturalness to them.

That said, Keith Emerson's performance (introduced by Moog live on stage) is quite a highlight. I'm a fan of his work with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. And he's hot here as well.

Then almost tacked on, Moog's Theremin instrument is introduced, but not tightly integrated into the production and out of place chronologically. It's a fascinating instrument and I wanted to know more. Why didn't they interview the Japanese Theremin player? Or provide at least a brief explanation of this instrument that is played without ever being touched by the musician.

Overall, the documentary is mostly interesting, and at times charmingly brilliant with creative thought. But at other times awkward and occasionally boring. Further, the music track appropriately dances and plays with the sounds of earlier Moog synthesizers. As a matter of personal preference, I'm no longer amused by the sounds alone. Still, overall, this is a recommendable piece, especially to musicians.

  • Moog. Copyright © 2004. Not Rated. 70 mins.
  • Starring Bob Moog, Keith Emerson, Money Mark, Mix Master Mike, Walter Sear, Geshon Kingsley, Jean Jacques Perrey, Luke Vibert, Paul D. Miller, DJ Logic, Bernie Worrell, Rive Wakeman, Herb Deutsch, Pamelia Kurstin, Steriolab, Tino, Charlie C.
  • Directed by Hans Fjellestad.
  • Screenplay by Hans Fjellestad.
  • Produced by Ryan Page and Hans at Plexifilm/Keyboard Magazine/Kpbs/Spruce Street Forum.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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