Who's Home?
Mugabe & The White African
Review by Ross Anthony

A little over a decade ago I visited Zimbabwe and stayed with local residents. They were white. And they were scared. I could sense an impending danger, even doom, in their eyes and their words to each other, but I just was too much of an outsider to understand.

Though clearly harboring an unbalanced, biased point of view, the film sheds light on the rest of that menacing iceberg.

Can you imagine the government, the actual president of your country, ordering you to walk away from your home, your land, the life you built honestly for yourself? Can you imagine being the last hold out? Whatever you think of the history, you can't help being impressed with this drama and this White African.

Besides my personal experience in Zimbabwe, what drew me to this unusual documentary was the promise of a courtroom drama of a difficult, yet very relevant issue. Assuming the historical injustice of whites "taking" African land in the past, does a standing African president have the right to disenfranchise current white land owners and hand the land over to the hardworking poor African blacks? Since, it's a question that I'm not sure how to answer myself, I would so enjoy hearing it argued well from both sides. Unfortunately, reality gets in the way, and this solid dilemma never plays out in the courtroom. It does, however, make it to screen in a more raw, but passionate way. In the middle of the picture, Mike the white farmer returns to his land to find the black son of a high official parked and insistent. (I paraphrase below.)

"Leave this land! It's not yours. It belongs to the black poor." The son demands.

"This is mine, I earned it honestly," Mike calmly asserts, "and besides you're not poor."

It's an intense and completely compelling exchange. Fortunately, instead of guns, they each draw cameras and film each other. Perhaps, each hoping to use the others words as evidence.

The film has other such powerful and emotional moments. It also has its lulls. But, besides raising awareness of human rights specifically in Zimbabwe and generally in the world, the film also succeeds at reminding the viewer of the both beautiful and ugly challenges being human in the world has to offer.

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  • Mugabe & The White African. Copyright © 2010.
  • Directed by Lucy Bailey & Andrew Thompson. Produced by David Pearson, Elizabeth-Morgan Hemlock at HanWay Films.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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