Young Again
Must Read After My Death
Review by Ross Anthony

With hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings from his grandparents' 8mm camera and personal correspondences, and even therapy sessions, Morgan Dews assembles a kaleidoscope behind-the-scenes view into a 1960's American family.

No narration, just the curious inside peeks of the family members themselves. It's instantly fascinating. As we seek to make sense of our own lives and relationships, a Leave it to Beaver family opens its vulnerable unspeakable underbelly to us. Through their challenges, perhaps, we feel more comfortable with our own.

This presentation is very personal, at times intense, but always interesting.

The music fits, but is overused and at times drags. The buzz and pop and hum of last century's various recording devices makes the audio track a bit difficult, so the captions are quite handy. I can appreciate the technical issues in bringing all these sound bites together, but the dead silences drop in awkwardly.

Lastly, I was hoping for more impact in the wrap up. Not necessarily some sense-making summary, no, just something more satisfying.

Despite these imperfections, "Must Read After My Death" is still a very curious, unique and personal documentary worth seeing.

-- Books by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony --

  • Must Read After My Death. Copyright © 2009.
  • Directed by Morgan Dews.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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