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Mystery of the Nile (Large Format)
Review Review by Ross Anthony

With a trained camera crew of two, a journalist, a scientist, and a group of five or six locals, these adventurers lug an IMAX camera along the 3000 miles of the Blue Nile.

To their knowledge, never before done, though attempted, the crew brings us along on their dangerous journey. Unlike other films that do a wonderful job of bringing gorgeous images of exotic places to our eyes, this film carries us into those exotic places through the experiences of the adventurers.

It's not just a pretty picture; it's an engaging story that unfolds with truth and reality.

Leader/geo-physicist Pasquelle Scaturro introduced the film before my particular screening. He was aglow with excitement for the quest. He told of stories where Gordon, the cameraman/expert-Kayaker, held his own during more than one crocodile stand off. Apparently he'd hit them on the head with his oars. (Unfortunately, these haps occurred without enough warning to crank up the IMAX camera.) Still, you'll enjoy watching Gordon take on the rapids in his little kayak -- quite impressive.

Pasquale also told of a heart-warming moment where the crew stayed for the night in a very cold highland. The locals came and built them a fire and in the middle of the night he awoke to see two young kids staying awake to keep the fire going for the strangers.

The music weaves well with the rafting visuals as does Pasq's narration, with inserts by others on the journey. Educational, inspirational and just plain fun.

  • Mystery of the Nile (Large Format). Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Pasquale Scaturro, geophysicist, Gordon Brown, kayaker/cnematographer,Dr. MohamedMegahed, hydrologists, Saskie Lange, journalist, Myriam Sec, archaelogist,Michel L'Hullier,adventure photographer.
  • Directed by Jordi Lompart.
  • Produced by Jordi, Greg McGillivray at Orbita Max/MacGillivray Freeman.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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