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Nascar: Imax 3D
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a rock solid documentary on the sport that is Nascar (Stock car racing). A brief history, inside quips into garages, pit crews, set up, even some close in shots of the racers themselves. Surprisingly, some of the most spectacular shots were those of the spectators standing atop their RV's inside the center circle of the track. Crisp from start to finish with finely tuned narration, editing, sound, and camera work. Interesting at every turn, it's something that might have made me late for work had I accidentally flipped to it on TV during breakfast. But, in the arena of 3D Imax, viewers may be going to that huge screen with larger expectations than a strong documentary.

Some of the best 3D work occurs during the opening 1940's moonshine/cop car chase (reenactment) sequence. The 3D is crisper, better angled, objects in foreground (trees, bushes, splashing water), mid-ground (the cars, the drivers) and background (the trailing car, more trees, the road etc.). But, once we mount that camera to the back of the stock car (or inside) the 3D is less crisp, less relevant. It's good that the camera is out on the track (sometimes literally), and the 3D does work, but I wanted to feel like I was inside the race, not just that the camera was. I also wanted more time on the track, more passing, more actual racing. NASCAR implies "adrenaline rush" and I missed that in this documentary.

  • Nascar: Imax 3D. Copyright © 2004. PG.
  • Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Directed by Simon Winsor.
  • Director of Photography James Neihouse.
  • Produced by Lorne Orleans, Douglas Hylton at Warner Bros.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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