Chastity Crisis
Natural Selection
Review by Ross Anthony

This is an interesting, quirky, and yet, squarely character-driven, strongly dramatic indie film. The lead actress (Rachael Harris) invests whole-heartedly as the unfulfilled-wife, naïve surrogate mother, confused person. She's absolutely convincing in the demanding role of the coming-of-age 40-something-year-old.

Aside for a few cracks in the walls, the rest of the film backs her strongly. Most notably, some sequences require a suspension of belief. I'll just note one… A fugitive decides to use a dirt-only bike to drive cross country? And no cops pull him over? A nod to "Dumb and Dumber?"

That said, the production has so much heart, these infractions are easy to forgive. Also, perhaps to balance, the writer/director (Robbie Pickering) respects the intelligence of his audience by not banging us over our heads with exposition. He lets us figure things out for ourselves.

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  • Natural Selection. Copyright © 2012.
  • Written and Directed by Robbie Pickering. Starring Rachael Harris, Matt O'Leary, John Diehl, Jon Gries, Gayland Williams. Cinema Guild.

Grade.......................... Strong B+ (2.5/4)

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