She's All That
Review by Ross Anthony

She's All That is a teen version of My Fair Lady. I'm not a teen, so I didn't expect to like it -- surprisingly, I didn't hate it. In fact, I very much enjoyed this very rich scene in which, GQ-prep Freddie Prinze Jr., is forced to improv at an avant-garde poetry/performance "event" (presented tongue-in-cheek). For the first time in his life he's unprepared, slightly intimidated, and liking it. He drops a bean bag on his foot: "Hack-e-Sack, Don't let it drop. Hack-e-sack, Don't let it drop." As he juggles the sack with his feet and repeats the line to dizzying background projections, his character conflict is subtly and cleverly revealed.

After being dumped by blonde cheerleader and prom queen shoe-in, Freddie bets his best bud that his mere presence can convert any woman into a prom queen. The bud chooses Rachael Leigh Cook ... the dorkiest art geek he could find. Personally, I don't think he tried too hard, even with glasses Cook is still pretty cute. From then on, Freddie moves in on Rachael attempting to glamorize her with his popularity.

Cook's father, a pool guy, is a warm and wonderful side character. I particularly like a scene in which he talks back to the TV during Jeopardy, "Which Medieval printer copied the Bible without using his name?" Alex asks. Cook's Father replies... "Hewlett Packard." That's funny.

If you're a teen and you like MTV's The Real World, I think you might enjoy this picture. If you're not a teen, there's probably better pictures out there for you.

Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook.
Directed by Robert Iscove.
Rated PG-13.

Grade..........................Teens: B+, Non-Teens: C

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