Rendezvous a Paris
SkyDance (Large Format)
Review by Ross Anthony

Feel like getting into the air that wisps over France? "SkyDance" propels audiences above many of the country's best landmarks and across vineyard laden French landscapes. Ride along with the aerobatics Champion of the world in a cute red propeller plane atop the Alps, the Loire Valley, Normandy, Burgundy, etc.

And if that isn't French enough for you, the filmmakers have injected (almost as an attempt to create a story that hovers around the visuals) a tame tale of romance. There's even a kiss at the end.

Yes, the story is cheesy, but I think its light-heartedness works with the whimsy of the flight. The whole program is just fun.

Two red prop planes rise against the snowy Alps, roll to left then upside down only ten feet separating. Seemingly closer when wing to wing, the planes rock and bob. Shot with long fat cuts, that big LF camera putting the viewer into the passenger seat.

Beautiful images from around France are captured from the air: from the white cliffs of Channel to baroque castles to the Mediterranean and of course, Paris. Though the film does take time for dialogue on the ground (nothing educational - all mostly soapy) the filmmakers take care to break up conversations by moving the subjects to various beautiful backgrounds (not just changing angles).

Somewhat of a propaganda piece for French tourism, but poetic nonetheless.

The version I screened was in British English. The air race is fictitious. And post September 11th, the film may not have been possible since a series of authorizations were need to shoot in "grazingly close proximity" to French historical monuments.

  • SkyDance (Large Format). Copyright © 2002.
  • Starring Andy Henderson, Daisy Bates, Amanda James, Natasha Wightman, Alex Giannini.
  • Directed by Eric Magnan.
  • DP: Dominique Gentil a.f.c.
  • Produced by Marie-Christine de Montbrial, Michel Frichet at aGepro Cinema.


Copyright © 2001. Ross Anthony, currently based in Los Angeles, has scripted and shot documentaries, music videos, and shorts in 35 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more reviews visit:

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