Review by Ross Anthony

When a film begins with a big truck slowly coming to a stop on a plastic Bambi yard ornament, I get the feeling I'm going to be entertained.

Melba (Park Overall) and Flint (Don Harvery), the Fred and Wilma of Victorville, live a blissful small town life until Melba catches Flint and her best friend with their pants down. Sweet naive Melba swallows her tears, dumps her white trash hubby, dolls up in her mother's best 1950's sparkly jumper, and heads out for a night on the town. On the way, she crosses paths with three rich, Las Vegas bound, brats from L.A. (one of which is Freddie Prinze Jr.).

The three little kings ditch her, but Melba is the country cat that just keeps coming back to find them.

Written and directed in a Fargo-esque kind of way, "Sparkler" brings real life and coincidence together making for a fun quirky movie. I also appreciated the true-to-life dialogue and attention to small detail.

Starring Park Overall, Don Harvey, and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Directed by Darren Stein.
Written by Darren Stein and Catherine Eads.
Produced by Jennifer Amerine and Kimberly Jacobs


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