Dark Fate
Review by Ross Anthony

Powerful, wonderful, and fun extended action sequences bookend a somewhat silly sci-fi film. Cameron (the writer/director) of the original two Terminator films returns as producer here. As a big fan (especially of T2), I welcomed the reappearance of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor, and of course Arnold. Unfortunately, their interesting "in between" backstories aren't explored in affecting ways. It's wonderful to see them richly-aged and on screen together, but their interactional tone feels astray. Anyway they both play support roles as the newer characters carry the film.

Always well-paced, and a powerful reminder that AI isn't necessarily something to be excited about, Dark Fate feels more like a ride than a robust film. The dialogue hosts some fun zingers that will get you laughing out loud, but doesn't go much deeper than what's necessary to move from one complication to another.

In comparison to T2 (one of the very best and most influential action films ever made), while competent, the special effects don't wow, the main characters fail to connect, and the explanations seem contrived and somewhat silly. More importantly, the film's total weight is less than that of the shocking death that opens it. There's a lot of great material here, but it's treated too lightly. That death deserved more development. Of course, it's just my humble opinion, but I would have loved to rewrite this material in such a way that the modern story is more the backdrop and not the other way around. With such rich and widely loved backstory, why rush through it? Cameron has squarely and fairly won a loyal audience that would have endured a slow meaningful non-action extended opening. The film could have been made into something special, instead, it's pretty much just another B action film with a few fun nods to some great characters from the past.

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  • Terminator: Dark Fate. Copyright © 2019.
  • Starring Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta. Directed by Tim Miller. Produced by James Cameron. Paramount Pictures.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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