Brush with Genius
Van Gogh
Review by Ross Anthony

Interestingly enough, Vincent Van Gogh tells his own story. That is, the voice over text has been scripted as if it were written by Van Gogh. The narrator reads it in the first person, as if he were the spirit of Van Gogh reflecting on his work both past and present (our present). It's eccentric and quirky; I like it. That said, since Vincent was a prolific letter-writer, I would have also liked many more actual quotes (though some are included here).

You might be expecting a veritable slide show of high quality images of his paintings. I was. And while the film certainly hosts such images, they serve as accents to a story that centers around two modern day people: an art historian who is tasked with making sense of Vincent's hundreds of letters, and a filmmaker who is passionate about making a film about the famous artist. The Vincent narrator is omniscient and introduces us to both of these intense souls.

Vincent's circumstances and thoughts about his art are quite fascinating, as well as the more sensational ear-incident and suicide. This production left me wanting to know more especially about his relationship with his elder brother Theo who died less than a year after Vincent's passing. The paintings, too, were only a tease; I'm left wanting to spend more time with them. Not just a happy outcome for the Van Gogh Museum in Holland, but also for any teacher showing this production to students. I enjoyed being left wanting.

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  • Van Gogh: Brush with Genius. Copyright © 2009.
  • Produced by Camera Lucida and La Geode at MacGillivray Freeman Films

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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