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Vikings: Journey to New Worlds
Review by Ross Anthony

This is the review of the dvd, not from and IMAX screening.

Great vistas of Greenland and Newfoundland, but especially of Iceland. Gorgeous waterfalls nestled into sprawling green-coasted hills at a brilliant blue coast. These aerial shots bring viewers closer to the Vikings than any of the "reenactments." It's because of these wonderful landscape shots, in fact, that we were left wanting to see this picture on the big screen. Further, after viewing we were left wanting to vacation in Iceland!

Though, no doubt, a great deal of care and effort was put into dressing the re-enactors and creating authentic props, these scenes are ofter rather spiritless and sometimes hokie. We just didn't believe the actors to be Vikings, we simply believe them to be re-enactors. The same is true of some of the specials effects, namely those that created boats on the oceans scenes. At least on my TV, it didn't translate well. Perhaps on the big screen, the effects show seamlessly?

Though the information tends to be rather surface oriented, I found it fascinating. So interesting in fact, that we were left wanting to know more. We wanted a deeper connection with the Vikings.

Lastly, we loved the music and appreciated the breaks from narration during visually beautiful scenes.

We also watched the 15 minutes of "Making of" section on the DVD. This was compelling and made us wish we'd have enjoyed the reenactments more.

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  • Vikings: Journey to New Worlds. Copyright © 2004.
  • Directed by Marc Fafard. (c) 2004.
  • Produced by Carl Samson at Skyhigh Ent/Giant Screen Films.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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