30-something - Love
Review by Ross Anthony

This is simply a strong entertaining film. Professional production, hardy acting, solid direction, engaging story. It's got romance, sport, comedy and drama. You'll laugh a bit, you'll get choked up a bit, and you'll never be bored, never point at the screen and say, "That wouldn't happen."

Wimbledon Though Dunst gets top billing, Paul Bettany's character dominates the film. Well-known in Britain, Bettany is lesser known in the States, although he was also smashing in "A Knight's Tale." He plays the "aging" tennis pro, slipping in the ranks to 119; the film lets us in on the self-talk going on in his head during every serve. Though tennis may lack some of the excitement of contact sports, the cinematography brings viewers onto the court, even following the ball to the turf on occasion. They're very nice creative touches that don't overwhelm the overall feel of the visuals. In fact, the cinematography and editing are very professional, subtly elegant.

The pace and emotional arc will take you on a very crisp entertaining ride. While the film never becomes terribly intense, or dramatically heavy; nor does it intend to. Rather, it opts to entertain with a light, yet wide range of emotion. And btw, the opening credits are marvelously appropriate -- perhaps the best of the year.

Bettany says, "My last film I played a ship's surgeon, but I wouldn't want to operate on anyone. So with training, I thought I could approximate being a tennis player, even though I'm not. And the falling in love bit, well, that's the easy part."

  • Wimbledon. Copyright © 2004.
  • Starring Paul Bettany, Kirsten Dunst, Sam Neill, Jon Favreau, Bernard Hill.
  • Directed by Richard Loncraine.
  • Screenplay by Adam Brooks and Jeffifer Flackett and Mark Levin.
  • produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Liza Chasin, Mary Richards at Universal/Studiocannal.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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