Smile, You're Dating me on Candid Camera
20 Dates
Review by Ross Anthony

Wow, what a wild ride! Myles, a filmmaker, is recently divorced. In a way in which Woody Allen might simultaneously host and be tape in The World's Funniest Videos, Myles sets out to fall in love or make a movie -- which ever comes first!

Inconveniently, they both happen. Myles convinces vile producer Elie to fund this project to film, via hidden camera, 20 of his (Myles') dates whilst he searches for love in LA.

One of Myles' dates wants to go bunji-jumping. So shivering Myles is "forced" to jump off a bridge -- or risk embarrassing himself as a coward in his own film. He finally jumps, then looking up at the camera, he curses, "You better have f'ing got that!"

Much of the film documents Myles' oft failed, yet seldom dull attempts to secure a date with an unsuspecting female. In one scene, Myles approaches a woman in the grocery store. He leads in, "Oh, I see you're shopping in the fat-free isle..." "Yes, they've got some good stuff here," she replies friendly enough. "Well, we're having a fat-free party, if you'd like to join us," Myles scams. "I don't think my boyfriend would like that." The woman reveals. Undeterred, Myles replies "Why? He doesn't like fat-free?"

20 Dates is the result of over 140 hours of video tape humorously edited down to 120 minutes, then bumped up to 35 mm film. The picture quality is lacking of course, and visually gives you the odd sensation that you're watching TV in a theater. I was never quite sure, what was real, staged, or just clever editing. In the end, the unabashed humor pushed me over the edge, I took the bate and roared in isle. This is one to put on your "to rent" video list.

Starring and Directed by Myles Berkowitz. Rated R. 88 minutes.
Produced by Elie Samaha, Mark McGarry and Jason Villard at Phoenician Films/Fox Searchlight


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