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Interview Archive

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Jason Bishop  Illustionist/Magician  Jason Bishop Show at the Carpenter Center 
PeopleRole Event
Michel Gondry  Writer/Director  Interview for Science of Sleep 
PeopleRole Event
Mike Mouse McCoy, Dana Brown, Scott Waugh and C. Rich Wilson  Racer/Director/Producers  Dust to Glory 
PeopleRole Event
Steve James  Director  Stevie 
Ken Loach  Director  Bread and Roses 
James Cameron and Bill Paxton  Director and Star  Ghosts of the Abyss 
Chen Kaige  Writer/Director  Together 
PeopleRole Event
Kirk Wise  Director  Beauty and the Beast (Large Format Special Edition) 
Johnny Knoxville  Star  Films: Big Trouble and Jackass, The Movie 
Farina, Vergara, Deschanel, Myers, Warburton, Sonnenfeld  Principles  Big Trouble 
Susan Helms and James Neihouse  Astronaut and DP  Space Station IMAX 3D 
Antonio Banderas, Robert Rodriguez, et al.  Stars, Director  Spy Kids II 
Owen Wilson, Betty Thomas  Start and Director  I Spy 
PeopleRole Event
Ben Stassen  Director  Haunted Castle 
Harald Zwart, Liv Tyler  Director and Star  One Night at McCool`s 
Liu Yan  Actress/Producer  Pavilion of Women 
Kevin Smith, Mark Hamill, Jason Lee, Shannon Elizabeth  Principals  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 
Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman and James Mangold  costars and director  Kate and Leopold 
PeopleRole Event
Glen Goei  Writer/Director  That's the Way I Like It 
Jeremy McGrath  World Supercross Champ  The Pasadena Mud Bowl 
Jazmin Dizdar  Writer/Director  Beautiful People 
Rod Lurie  Writer/Director  Deterrence 
tHr3  Los Angeles Band  3rd Year Anniversary 
Keith Gordon  Director  Waking the Dead 
Danny Devito, Peter Facinelli, Jahon Swanbeck  Cast and Direction  The Big Kahuna 
Ethan Hawke, Michael Almereyda  Star and Director  Hamlet 
Keith Melton  Director  Journey of Man 
Ian Whitcomb, Vernon Mortensen and John Harrington  Filmmakers  MethodFEST 2000 
Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer and more  Cast/Production  What Lies Beneath 
Janet Leigh  Film Star  40th Anniversary of Psycho 
  Stars, et. al.  Dancer in the Dark 
PeopleRole Event
Ben Stassen  Director  Encounter in the Third Dimension 
Majid Majidi  Director  Children of Heaven 
Terry Sanders and Freida Lee Mock  Writers/Producers/Directors  Return with Honor