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I simply love movies. I've loved them since I was a kid. And now that I've grown enough to see over that tall guy in row three, I still love them. So why review? Simply put, there's a need for reviews that put more of an emphasis on the enjoyment factor and less on the academics. I invite readers like you to try me out and decide for yourselves if you see the "big pictures" the way I do. If so, then my reviews ought be of great use when choosing a film to attend. Secondly, I offer my opinions as constructive criticisms to the filmmakers and talent of each picture. It is not the purpose of these reviews to bash movies -- nor is it to patronize them. As a filmmaker and educator, I find feedback invaluable. And in that spirit I write my reviews and review your heartily welcomed comments.

Lastly, I pride myself on enjoying films across many genres: comedy, drama, romance, family, children, farce, action, musical, foreign, and sci fi. Though, you should know the genres I typically don't enjoy. Those would be: psychological thrillers, mystery/suspense-driven, depressing and horror. (So, if these are the three types of films you love ... you might be better off at another site.)

People go to the movies for many different reasons and so do I. Inspiration is my numero uno reason. I love to be inspired. Living in Kenya in '97, I once traveled 4 hours just to see "Ghost in the Darkness," it wasn't the greatest piece, but I walked out of that Nairobi theater feeling like I could wrestle a lion. I like a film that can make me laugh and cry and "want to be a better man." I want to walk back into my real life with a finer insight and stronger belief in humankind, charged to "Seize the Day." But don't get me wrong, I also watch for the pure fun of it -- if you think that's escapism, then so be it. I love to be drawn into a new wonderful dreamlike reality (ah, so it is escapism). Additionally, I'm fine with being educated at the theater, but it better be in an entertaining/compelling way. Well, enough about me ... lets go see some movies!!!

Thanks for Viewing,
Ross Anthony

Your comments are welcomed, click the "Contact US" link to the lower left (last thing on the menu). I read all comments and appreciate your feedback.

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