Cinematic Pilgrimage
Jerusalem 3D IMAX
Review by Ross Anthony

Wow! What a beautiful production! Every shot is IMAX big and spectacular. And the score is magnificent: one minute thumping, rhythmic, with thick healthy bass, the next a symphony of strings lifting you over a pastel cliff side to a glorious sun-kissed view of a city rich with history, faith, and scars.

Structurally, the documentary portion of the production follows three women of different faiths: a Moslem, a Christian, and a Jew. They each tell the story of their life in their quarter of the city of Jerusalem. It begins as a beautiful reminder that most of the time these three faiths live in peace (albeit somewhat segregated), and ends with a melancholy reflection that matures into hope that the sharing can blossom beyond residency and into community.

These days IMAX films are shot on all sorts of formats, however, this one looked to be shot on actual IMAX film (at least most of the time). Further, it's not just a visual feast for the eyes and a learning experience, this film feels sweetly inspired.

People travel the world to Jerusalem. But, with IMAX, Jerusalem can come to you. See it at a real IMAX theatre. Unfortunately, there are many little theatres (some of them actually tiny) that sport the IMAX name. There aren't too many real IMAX screens left in Los Angeles (only 3, to my knowledge). But there is one right in the middle of town at the California Science Center. It's a wonderful facility with an extensive rose garden, and hands-on science museum, and an actual Space Shuttle (The Endeavor). It's a great day out!

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  • Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. Starring Farah Ammouri, Jodi Magness, Nadia Tadros, Revital Zacharie. Directed by Daniel Ferguson. National Geographics.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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