Year 4
The Animation Show
Review by Ross Anthony

The Creator of Beavis and Butt-head and Office Space, Mike Judge is back with an all new collection of the world's greatest animated short films. Well, that's what the production notes promise anyway. Certainly, there's some very impressive animation here, and editing too. But there's an equal amount of trashy "South Park" type art which is much more interested in the down and dirty joke than the awesome artwork. Each style enjoys a handful of hits and misses. I like silly humor just as much as the next guy (loved the films Office Space). and South Park. Here are a list of the films in the collection along with my brief entertainment comments.

Oranges - Didn't do it for me.
Burning Safari - Great animation, cute story
Talking With God - Nice.
Crotch biting sloup - Funny.
3 Misters -- Great animation, but story gets out of hand.
Love Sport Paint Ball - Mildly amusing.
Angry Unpaid Hooker - Odd, but funny.
Psycho town - Short but relatively funny.
Blindspot - Interesting, things aren't always as they seem.
Usavich - Interesting and fun
Jeu - Imagine Escher creating animation. Beautiful, crazy the meticulous nature of this seeming hand painted moving patterns. Excellent.
Prof. Nieto Show - Ehhh.
Goblins --Err, okay.
John & Karen - Quaint.
Chicken soup - Cool animation, story not that cool.
Keylime Pie - Err, okay.
Raymound - Interesting, but goes long.
Forgetfullness - errr okay.
Hot Dog - Had me laughing.
Western Spaghetti - Very very creative and fun. Just the right length.
This Way Up - I got bored.

Some shorts were great, some not great. As a collection, the whole suffered sound normalizing issues. I found myself flipping the volume up and down to compensate -- that was a bit annoying.

-- Books by Author/Illustrator Ross Anthony

  • The Animation Show Year 4. Copyright © 2008.
  • Mike Judge and

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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