Depp Space
The Astronaut's Wife
Review by Ross Anthony

This is one weird film. Weird and scary. Scarier than that Witch film, probably the scariest film I've seen this summer (though it's been a tame summer on the fright-o-meter). The fine sound engineering does a splendid job toward this goal.

Lift-off looks promising with a cast of three actors I adore. The simply irresistible Charlize Theron, rock solid actor Johnny Depp and strong supporter Joe Morton from "T2" fame. Johnny goes up in space, has an incident, comes back a little weird, or is it wife Charlize who's paranoid? A creepy psychological thriller.

Surprise, it's no "Apollo 13." Though the film hooked me heartily in the beginning, I grew tired in the middle (though scared), and while the twist ending was indeed something I did not expect at all -- it wasn't something I cared for either.

Great concept, awesome actors, fine dialogue, but a lack of that right stuff.

Starring Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Joe Morton, Clea Duvall.
Director/Screenwriter Rand Ravich.
Produced by Andrew Lazar at New Line.
Rated R.


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