Growing up in a Dangerous World
Review by Ross Anthony

At two and a half hours, Babel spends a lot of time being bleak. Itís certainly edgy and hyper-real. The cinematography purposely depletes itself of warm colors. The actors give strong performances, though if youíre primarily interested in Pitt or Blanchett Ė they only appear intermittently as the film has many other characters and stories. Ultimately, these two donít have the kind of screen time (nor dynamics) you might be expecting.

The director concerns himself with tension and stress. With independent (yet linked) stories in Morocco, Mexico and Japan, the film takes its sweet time revealing the nature of its big picture. And ultimately, itís really not a film about an international incident. Itís more a film about that universal visceral bond between members of a family unit. Likewise, itís not the big action picture the trailers may lead you to believe, itís really more of an artsy independent that has a couple of big name leads.

Overall, intriguing and interesting with some very strong dramatic moments. But the short supply of warm moments, simply isnít enough to save the film from an overwhelming dismal feel. This, of course, is quite a matter of personal taste. You may love to spend a bleak night at the cinema. As matter of personal taste, again, viewers may not appreciate the sexual suggestions among under-aged characters. Some will argue that the ďrealĒ graphic nature of those images enrich the film. Still, Iím sure it wonít just be conservatives who feel the film goes too far, in this respect.

Lastly, the coincidence factor undermines the realism.

This film screened at a Laemmle Theatre.

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  • Coach Carter. Copyright © 2006.
  • Starring Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael Bernal, Koji Yakusho, Adriana Barraza, Rinko Kikuchi, Said Tarchani, Boubker El Caid, Elle Fanning, Nathan Gamble, Mohamed Akhzam, Peter Wight, Abdelkader Bara, Mustapha Rachidi, Driss Roukhe.
  • Directed by Alejandro Inarritu.
  • Screenplay by Guillermo Arriaga from an idea by Arriaga and Inarritu.
  • Produced by Inarritu, Jon Kilik, Steve Golin at Paramount/ Anonymous.

Grade..........................B- (1.5/4)

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