Miss American Pie
Because I Said So
Review by Ross Anthony

The suave rich guy, the charming artisan, an overbearing meddling mother and chatty sisters, sweet soufflés, cake baking -- this film has all the trappings for the teen girl. That said, some of the subject matter becomes quite adult -- so perhaps it's more of a female-targeted "American Pie."

The no-surprises plot is backed on and off again by some pretty good production. At times the acting, directing, editing, and writing work very well together. You’ll feel that you’re viewing a much better film. But, then there are the moments that just don't work, or the obvious cheap gags, or the convenient resolution that betrays some genuinely well-earned conflict.

The premise also confused me. I'm supposed to sympathize with Molly’s longing for a lasting love, her mother says she's “sweet and innocent,” but her actions aren’t always sweet or innocent. I'm confused. Anyway, despite very little written framework, Moore brings sympathy to a character who hasn‘t quite proven she deserves it. Paul Giamatti (Thomas Haden Church, as well) pulled off something similar in Sideways. In fact, Mandy Moore is actually a very good actress. Her performance in American Dreamz (a satire on “American Idol” deserves praise. The new actor playing the young artisan also helps give the film spark.

If you’re attracted to the classic fairy tale of the young maiden torn between the prince and the pauper and you don’t mind a racy modern update to it -- you’ll have a blast.

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  • Because I Said So. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton, Piper Perabo, Tom Everett Scott, Neil Hopkins, Lauren Graham, Stephen Collins, Tony Hale, Colin Ferguson, Mia Crowe, Stephen Collins.
  • Directed by Michael Lehmann.
  • Produced at Universal

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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