Karl Rove
Bush's Brain
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a biography of Bush's right-hand Public Relations man (and perhaps much much more) Karl Rove. But this biography is written from the perspective of all those Rove left in his wake toward political power. The interviewees are for the most part, political homicides speaking from their fall regarding wherever they were when they ran against, or said something that went against Karl Rove's candidate. And for some reason, Karl Rove seems to have affixed quite solidly to Bush. This documentary paints the picture of Rove as the power-hungry trainer and George W. as the horse he's backed for such a long time that he seems to have been promoted to owner/trainer.

The authors of the book "Bush's Brain" are interesting in and of themselves, but their time on screen takes away some from the credibility of the documentary. That said, the others willing and relieved to tell their side of the story add great sincerity. In particular, Max Cleland, an army vet and congressman gives some very genunine commentary regarding Bush's intimidation of the congress toward pushing through any and all homeland security measures.

This no-frills documentary has a very specific theme: Karl Rove drives Bush. And He's willing to break rules and people in order to keep Bush in power. Further, war seems to be his current means to do so. While some of the documentary feels like it slips into the trash talk of which they accuse Rove, the difference is the lack of faceless rumors. Actual people of stature take the mic and camera and go on record.

  • Bush's Brain. Copyright © 2004. 80 mins.
  • With Max Cleland, Molly Ivins, Richard C. Clark, Jacques Vroom.
  • Directed by Michael Paradies Shoob, Joseph Mealey.
  • Based on the book by: James C. Moore, Wayne Slater.
  • Produced by Michael Paradies Shoob, Joseph Mealey Elizabeth Reeder at Tantan/BeBe.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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