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Conversations with God
Review by Ross Anthony

Based on the books by Neale Donald Walsh, the film opens with a tease. Homeless Neale sleeping in a tent is awakened by the voice of God (using Nealeís voice). Cut to successful Neale answering tough questions as the author of the best selling books ďConversations with God.Ē

Itís a gentle film with a leisurely pace, sometimes appropriately so; sometimes, somewhat just plain slow. The acting is pretty good. Henry Czerny, who plays Neale, pulls off this difficult part. After all, he has to be on screen nearly every second in addition to voiceover himself as God. And while the acting is as good as could be expected by the misc. public who are supposed to be asking spontaneous questions Ė these scenes still feel a tad staged. Iíd like to have seen the filmmakers use a real audience asking real questions to the real Neale (shot from behind to conceal his face). Then have Henry Czerny voice over Nealeís answers.

Anyway, speaking of voiceovers. The voiceover God is a tad hokey. Iím not talking about the text, Iím talking about the technical choice to use the actorís voice Ė but somehow more confident. Perhaps it was that confident sound that made it hokey. I canít put my finger on it. Perhaps the filmmakers could have experimented a bit more for that.

As the film closes, the mother/child flashback is resolved. I really like the hands coming apart. Symbolically very powerful. I felt the film should have ended there, but it goes two steps further: 1) a double Neale, which is okay, 2) but then the voiceover God again. I just think the voiceover God is a weak technical element and shouldnít have been used to end the film Ė unless they could have found a way to make it not so hokey.

All that said, this is definitely a solid B movie. Iím going to give it a B+ because it has good heart. Iím not saying everyone will buy into the dogma of this spirituality, Iím not sure I do. But, there is a definite need for all of us to take a deeper look into our souls Ė and this is one film that certainly challenges us to do just that.

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  • Conversations with God. Copyright © 2006.
  • Starring Henry Czerny, Vilma Silva, Bruce Page, Abdul Salaam el Razzac, Zillah Glory, Ingrid Boulting, Joe Ivy, Michael Goorjian, Carolyn Hennesy, Jerry McGill, Ruth DeSosa.
  • Directed by Stephen Simon.
  • Screenplay by Eric Delabarre. Based on the books by Neale Donald Walsch.
  • Produced by Stephen Simon at CWG/Sam Goldwyn/Spritiual Cinema Circle .

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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