The Little Bloke
Danny Deckchair
Review by Ross Anthony

Oh, I like this movie! In Richard Bach's intro to "Illusions," he talks about the small creatures that hold to the bottom of mountain streams. One of them contemplates "letting go." Of course the others warn him that the current will smash him against the rocks and he'd be killed. He let's go anyway, and further down the stream creatures see him float over and think, "Hey look, one of us -- yet he flies!"

Anyway, this film reminds me of that passage. Danny is just your average "little bloke" toiling with his cement job, dreaming of a vacation. A few complications push him into experimenting with another one of his crazy ideas which, in turn, nudges him into "letting go."

A good-hearted film with a charismatic lead. Ryhs is probably best known for his memorable role as Hugh Grant's flatmate in "Notting Hill." But he was also wonderful in "Human Nature" (a Charlie Kaufman film). As Danny, he's careful not to overplay the role of the little bloke "that flies."

Good direction, great pace, strong dialogue, strong acting, big giant helium-filled warm-heart. I find no faults with this film save for a story line (and especially build to climax) that hovers just too close to formula. Still, there's a great deal of uniqueness, fun, and inspiration written around that. Sort of a light Aussie version of "The Majestic" or "Garden State."

Sports perhaps the greatest ending shot of the year.

(This film screened at a Laemmle Theatre.)

  • Danny Deckchair. Copyright © 2004. 110 mins.
  • Starring Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto, Justine Clarke, Rhys Muldoon, John Batchelor, Jane Ruggiero, Rod Zuanic.
  • Director-screenwriter Jeff Balsmeyer.
  • Produced by Andrew Mason at Cobal/Macquarie Film Corp./Crusader/City.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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