Lampedusa: African Refugees First Hope of Europe
Fire at Sea
Review by Ross Anthony

The film communicates important emotional and perspective information regarding boat refugees sailing from Africa to a small Island of Italy. Aside from a few brief captions at the outset, the voice of the filmmaker is silent. There is no voice over, nor any analysis. We simply benefit from Rosi's impressive quiet access to the Italian subjects: a boy, a doctor, Coast Guard, a diver, a housewife, and the thousands of African refugees risking their lives. We experience the contrast he weaves between them.

Though the shots are artistic and beautiful in their own way, they're also long and drawn out – which will make many viewers impatient. In sum: important, educating, artistic, moving at times, but decidedly lacking the crisp pace of many other modern documentaries.

From the press notes: Gianfranco Rosi’s observations of everyday life bring us closer to this place that is as real as it is symbolic, and to the emotional world of some of its inhabitants who are exposed to a permanent state of emergency. At the same time his film, which is commentary-free, describes how, even in the smallest of places, two worlds barely touch.

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Grade..........................B (2/4)

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