Surviving the Nazis
Forgiving Dr. Mengele
Review by Ross Anthony

What a surprisingly inspirational film this one turns out to be -- and yet, it's not afraid to be straight to the point. Eva is a Holocaust/Auschwitz survivor, but there is something more specific to that event regarding her. She's a twin and young twins at Auschwitz became guinea pigs for a Nazi scientist by the name of Dr. Menegele.

As a child, Eva nearly died during these experiments, but fortunately at the age of nine was freed when the Nazis were defeated. Some forty or fifty years later she made a dramatic personal choice to forgive her abusers. Her choice is not received well by other survivors in her midst.

Instantly loveable, a strong-willed woman of action, Eva takes charge of her life and she'll no doubt inspire yours. Given her passion despite circumstances -- how many among us can defend our right to be depressed, or even simply not happy?

But the documentary is not just about overcoming. It's also not afraid to ask hard questions or to film interviewers in challenging positions so that audiences may witness truthful outcomes. I was particularly interested in Eva's reaction to a discussion with several Palestinians telling their stories of pain.

Well worth the viewing.

  • Forgiving Dr. Mengele. Copyright © 2005.
  • A film by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh.
  • Presented by First Run Features.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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