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Glitch in the Grid
Review by Ross Anthony

A sweet sense of the surreal is created with low-fi, old school, very warm stop-motion animation. These sequences are scattered, interspersed, or more appropriately ďplantedĒ in rows among a field of either (seemingly) improvised dialogue or ďcaptured drama.Ē The story focuses on a young artistís plight to carve out a meaningful life in the grid (civilized big city society/L.A.).

There is a lot I like about this sincere little piece. As mentioned, I enjoy how the animation brings a magical sense of whimsy, but also a sort of impending sense of wisdom. I also appreciate the reflective discussions of these young adults as they endeavor to figure out how to become fully independent adults and still do the things they love. These were the same sort of discussions my friends and I had at that time in our lives, so I enjoyed the nostalgia. I also appreciated the alternating love and frustration these close friends demonstrated toward each other.

However, Iím not at all sure this adds up to a commanding feature film. If thereís a dramatic arc or focused climax, itís too subtle for me. And I expected a bit more development of character or understanding or enlightenment for all the rather glum mood expressed. But, that could be me, others are fine without these elements in their films. Further, some of the scenes seemed unnecessarily long, especially towards the last act, as if the filmmakers were trying to extend into a feature what was best left a short.

In the end, I felt Iíd seen a work I would have been very proud of creating myself back in my Indie Filmmaking early 20ís. In fact, because of the really beautiful artwork in still and motion in this piece, Iím envious of these filmmakers. But, as a viewer, the story didnít quite pull together enough for me. I was visually stimulated (as well as somewhat intellectually), but I wasnít moved emotionally -- save for feeling a bit dragged down.

All of that said, this reel is quite obviously the creation of some very talented filmmakers and I would not at all be surprised to see excellent works from them in the future.

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  • Glitch in the Grid. Copyright © 2011.
  • Starring Jay Masonek, Jeffrey Leiser, Eric Leiser,Linda Darnall, Patricia Darnall. Directed, Written and Animated by Eric Leiser. Albino Fawn Productions.

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