Rising to the Occasion
Glory Road
Review Review by Ross Anthony

This is a no frills, by the numbers, formula sports film that will entertain and educate and hopefully inspire. Not just a film about basketball, rather more a film about achieving, braving through rough times, sticking together and having faith in one's self. It's about raising to the occasion. To be specific, standing up to the loud majority talking trash. Standing up and not letting them take you out of your game with their cheap talk and narrow racist minds.

The game shots are somewhat stock by choice, which lend authenticity. Though the acting, directing and scripting are all solid, it's really the casting that stands out. Not only do these actors resemble the men they endeavor to portray, but they can play basketball and act well to boot.

The film never gets away from itself; it stays modest, focused and disciplined like it's central character coach Haskins. The dialogue is either directly to the point, or scoring points with good comedic relief. Not a film that will break any records, but fundamentally sound. A very strong B+.

Stay for the credits, the filmmakers add a classy touch by including some interviews with members of the original team, coach Haskins and even Pat Riley.

  • Glory Road. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Josh Lucas, Derek Luke.
  • Directed by James Gartner.
  • Screenplay by Christopher Cleveland and Bettina Gilois.
  • Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer at Disney.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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