Murder in the Manor
Gosford Park
Review by Ross Anthony

Gosford Park (Note: This review is based on a VHS/TV screening.)

London 1932, rich elite British enjoy a weekend get-together. Altman takes his time, allowing viewers to rub shoulders with the gentleman, ladies and especially wait staff accommodated at the huge manor. Though Americans might have a tough time deciphering the more soft-spoken or mumbled British English, for the most part it's worth listening hard (plenty of good zingers amidst strong dialogue). The cinematography, art direction and acting are also rock solid. The remainder of the film sports "murder mystery" almost matter of factly, the real story lies in the heart of the wait staff. Though faultless in production, "Gosford Park" doesn't quite break away emotionally.

  • Gosford Park. Copyright © 2001. Rated R.
  • Starring Michael Gambon, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith, Charles Dance, Jeremy Northam, Bob Balaban, Alan Bates, Helen Mirren, Kelly Macdonald, Eileen Atkins, Derek Jacobi, Emily Watson, Richard E. Grant, Clive Owen, Ryan Phillippe, Camilla Rutherford.
  • Directed by Robert Altman.
  • Screenplay by Julian Fellowes.
  • Based upon an idea by Robert Altman and Bob Balaban.
  • Produced by Robert Altman, Bob Balaban, David Levy at USA films.


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