A Healthy Documentary
Review by Ross Anthony

On the whole, I found this documentary inspirational and thought provoking. I'm already intrigued regarding this topic and have done research on my own (really enjoyed What the Bleep Do We Know?). Still, Heal held my interest because the experts being interviewed were passionate and poignant and the two or three first person anecdotal case studies were sincerely engaging. We care about these people. Plus, I learned a few new things (see below the paraphrased list of 9 things sampled self-healers had in common):

Radically Changed Diet
Took Control of Their Health
Followed Intuition
Used Herbs/Supplements
Released Suppressed Emotions
Embraced Social Support
Deepened Their Personal Spiritual Connection
Maintained a Strong Reason to Live

Very watchable, though oddly, I didn't quite connect with the producer/director/host Kelly Gores. And, while the doc keenly points out that the sugar pill often rivals pharmaceutical successes; I'd have liked to see such placebo comparisons with holistic approaches. Is there any research in this area? That's just out of curiosity and fairness; seems apparent that the placebo effect is already proof that mind influences physical health. Again, I enjoyed the doc, and appreciated the reminder to set positive thoughts a-spinning 'round whatever ails us.

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  • Directed, Written, and Produced by Kelly Noonan Gores.Cinematography by Chris Gallo. Music by Michael Mollura.

Grade..........................A- (2.5/4)

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