Caan Do
Honeymoon in Vegas
Review by Ross Anthony

We rented this at Blockbuster last weekend. Looked like fun -- Nicolas Cage, James Caan and Sarah Jessica.

Turned out to be a solid B movie with old-school comedy reminiscent of Mel Brooks. The scope is completely limited to a silly struggle of these two men for this one woman. Parker and Cage give standard play, any other average pair could have filled these roles and equally left little impression on the viewer. That said, the script is sitcom funny and the pace is okay. It's James Caan that gives the film its real spark. He's marvelous. He excellently brings to life a very interestingly written character -- nasty, yet sentimental, selfish, yet loving. He was a joy to watch.

SPOILER: If this was my movie -- which it certainly isn't -- I would have written the ending this way... Caan's sincerity never comes in question -- he is truly moved by Parker. He doesn't muscle, he continues with the smooth edge. On the other hand, Cage finds something his mother treasured, a priceless family heirloom, something she would never part with -- it's worth 1/2 a million, but he sells it for 65k, and crashes into Las Vegas (same fashion -- with the Elvises) just at the big moment, Caan is on his knees with a big rock for Parker. He throws the money at Caan and now Parker really has to decide. Isn't that much more interesting? Which way will Parker go? I don't know. Perhaps she walks away from both of them. Cage was such a baby early in the film, making a major mistake, then yelling back at her when she got mad about it. Caan is rich and definitely has a sweet side, but who knows what else is going on there -- plus, would she be confined to wearing the shoes of the deceased love of his life. That decision would give the film some weight behind the comedy.

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  • Honeymoon in Vegas. Copyright © 1992.
  • Starring James Caan, Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Written and Directed by Andrew Bergman.
  • Produced by Mike Lobell at Castle Rock/Newline.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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