The Incredibles
Review by Ross Anthony

Strong Story and animation, excellent dialogue, interesting pace dynamics, action, love, and some pretty potent thought nuggets -- this is entertainment!

"The Incredibles" begins with an idea that may be new to you, but isn't to the comic book/graphic novel world. While it seems apropos to think of superheroes as figures of idolization and admiration, a more modern world might get caught up in their imperfections... "Sure you saved the guy's life -- but you strained his neck." Acts of bravery and preservation begin to be met with a wake of uncertainty and litigation. The same public that held you up, now is just as passionate to tear you down. Some will argue that this is human nature. "Marvels" (by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross) "Watchmen," and even "Batman: The Dark Night" and other graphic novels have done a great job writing superheroes around this new very interesting, perhaps all-too-telling, light. It's as serious as scripture, and yet, "The Incredibles," with incredible humor, sets it's tale spinning smack dab in the middle of a social climate, no longer hospitable to the superhero.

From that set up, we fall back into a nuclear family trying its best to emulate the Cleavers, while their superpowers are bulging at the seams. The film does an outstanding job of bringing those abrasive, yet completely common components of family life, into the picture. Stereotyped -- maybe, but common nonetheless. Anyone who has ever been in a family (and that's a lot of us) will be endeared to the "normality" of the Incredibles. And that's exactly what gives this film its depth. That's exactly what will choke you up: a mother's love for her children, a father's love for his wife. It's just a cartoon, but the writers cared enough about these characters to take them through the sometimes tedious, but absolutely necessary, family interactions that fill out their "ordinary peopleness." Family's will feel ribbed, perhaps, but appreciated for sure.

And if that's not enough (and it is!). Here are some excellent quote nuggets for your brain to chew on (I paraphrase): "When you say everyone is special ... that's just another way of saying no one is."

"We no longer have the luxury of self-doubt."

BTW, the film is preceded by an animated short called "Boundin'." Which also ably animates a buoyant self-reflective encouraging theme." Also delightful - kudos.

  • The Incredibles. Copyright © 2004. Rated PG.
  • Starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Dominique Lewis, Jean Sincere, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn and Brad Bird.
  • Directed by Brad Bird.
  • Screenplay by Brad Bird.
  • Produced at Disney/Pixar.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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