Stark Raving Mad
Iron Man 2
Review by Ross Anthony

This super action movie is more super during the non-action. Clever banter, snarky, fun; all of the qualities so many have enjoyed in director Jon Favreau's previous films (myself included). In fact, It's so much fun watching Robert Downey as the cocky Tony Stark, you might feel a little bored when he turns into Iron Man. Really, the scene in which he's grilled by a pesky senator played by Garry Shandling (one of my favorite comedians) commands the screen with greater punch than the bot-v-bot noise. In the opening Stark Expo Pageant, backed by a string of scantily dressed iron women dancers, Stark parades his vanity in front of his adoring public. I ate it up. "Privatized Peace!" His monologue is well crafted and delivered delightfully. Downey may find the suit clunky to don, but he wear's the role marvelously.

I had fun despite the action. But, my fear is, those interested in the film for the action might be a bit disappointed. The battling feels almost secondary and hits with less freshness. The one exception to that is the splendidly choreographed hand to hand to mace scene in which a certain female takes on a bunch of males. Well shot, well directed, nicely designed from the contrast in white building to dark costuming to the actual moves. Sweet.

I found Mickey Rourke underutilized. His character, as written, has plenty of interesting possibilities on an intellectual level to engage in tense drama with Stark. Sadly, he's edited down to not much more than a robot, building for a physical bash. Lastly, while I'm a fan of Sam Rockwell, he didn't knock me out here. I kept wanting Owen Wilson in that role. Or, Favreau's bud, Vince Vaugn. Now that would have completed the circuit.

I give the first 45 minutes an A+, but because of the ho-hum battling in the second half and the fizzle from the Rourke character I'm going to rate it an strong B+ overall.

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  • Iron Man 2. Copyright © 2010.
  • Starring Robert Downey, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Garry Shandling, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb. Directed by Jon Favreau. Screenplay by Justin Theroux. At Paramount Pictures.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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