Sex 101
Review by Ross Anthony

Raised by a pompous preacher father in a time that squelched constructive discussion of sex and in fact, imprisoned those guilty of "deviation," a somewhat nerdy Kinsey studies wasps.

Wasps fascinate him; he sets out to collect as many of one species as possible as to study their differences and similarities. Alas, on his wedding night (both he and his wife virgins) he discovers something of greater importance -- the knowledge of sex.

Kinsey spends the rest of the film collecting statistics from his students, from the public in general until he amasses a body of sexual behavior data and both praise and criticism from the public at large.

The film depicts Kinsey as a scientist who is objective about his study; but he's not too objective to become a subject of experimentation. This film, as did Kinsey the man, will no doubt upset moralists, while eliciting appreciation from those out of (what moralists would call) "The norm." Btw, various acts are briefly depicted.

Overall, Neeson is compelling and likeable as the driven Kinsey. Thankfully, Kinsey isn't portrayed as perfect; he has a tendency to become domineering, and inconsiderate. And while studies on sex such as Kinsey's are quiet useful, this film is a biography -- not a report and thus dilutes itself by avoiding the psycho/emotional element of sex (in my humble opinion). Twice (maybe), the film includes some one hurt over their partner's sexual experiment, but this pain is trivialized and quickly eclipsed by a sort of giddying freedom of clinical knowledge of sex and sexual expression both in act and words. The film could have been much richer had it given equal screen time to the emotive.

Further, I've become spoiled by the many many previous bio films that have done marvelous work in the casting and makeup departments. Hence, I found this film quite lacking in its ability to portray Kinsey at various ages. He's 12, then he's 19, then bam, he's Liam Neeson. So from 20 to 50, he's 50. The same is true of his wife and close in friends. Since no one seems to age, finding a sense of the timeline is difficult, frustrating and disorientating.

The film also attempts to heighten the contrast of sexual expression against the stifling background of the mid-1900's. This is done by writing the dialogue from a 1950's perspective, but also by filming the dialogue in a 1950's TV/film timing.

Overall, Kinsey is a curious person, his studies are very interesting and Neeson is a solid actor. So, though imperfect, this bio period piece is also rather curious and will no doubt prompt engaging discussions. Grade - slightly above average.

  • Kinsey. Copyright © 2004. Rated R. 118 minutes.
  • Starring Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Chris O'Donnell, Peter Sarsgaard, Timothy Hutton, John Lithgow.
  • Directed and written by Bill Condon.
  • Produced by Gail Mutrux at Fox Searchlight.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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