A Good Day to Runaway
Review by Ross Anthony

What a powerful opening. Two adolescents endure verbal and physical abuses of various adult relatives in some working class Irish city. The torment comes to a boiling point. At an unplanned moment, the two make a break for it. With the young actors so painfully splendidly showing the ache on their faces, and the filmmakers skillfully crafting the undeservedly punishing scenes around them, I found myself in tears as these "kids" choose the unknown brutality of big city streets over the known angst of their home life reality.

While the events that unfold aren't absurdly over-dramatized, their quantity/frequency pushes the believability factor. Still, the kids, especially Shane Curry are so intent, endearing and pull at every compassionate heart string, audiences can't help but be compelled. The production rounds off nicely, ending with the strength with which it started. What a powerful conclusion!

Lastly, as if from another world, the "kisses" that appear like twinkling stars in a dark night, are awkward and at the same time refreshing.

Oh, and Bob Dylan fans shouldn't miss it.

Comments regarding "casting the kids" from director Lance Daly: "We went to schools all over Dublin We picked the worst behaved of them then brought them in for one very long and painful Saturday."

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  • Kisses. Copyright © 2010.
  • Starring Shane Curry, Kelly O'Neill, Stephen Rea, Paul Roe, Neili Conroy, David Bendito, Jose Jimanez, Willie Higgins, Elizabeth Suh. Written and Directed by Lance Daly. Produced by Macdara Kelleher presented by Oscilloscope.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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