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Life Tracker
Review by Ross Anthony

Cool story, well-sussed out. My girlfriend was glued to it. She liked the acting. While I agree the performances surpass those of many indies, I never felt lost in these characters. I was watching them, but I wasn't overwhelmed with sympathy for them. They didn't pull at my emotions.

That said, this film is incredibly well-edited with a rich mix of locations and scene textures from handheld shots, to solid tripod shots, to well-lit interviews, to nicely composed TV news shots. All of which give this little film a grand spread out feeling. The pace is pretty much perfect for the film's subject matter and builds the tension nicely. However, because the filmmakers choose an ending for us, the theme wanes, and becomes less important. On the up side, that choice brings the main character arc full circle.

I'm giving Life Tracker a B, but it's rather obvious these filmmakers know what they're doing. I look forward to more work from them.

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  • Life Tracker. Copyright © 2013.
  • Directed by Joe McClean. Starring Barry Finnegan, Matt Dallas, Rebecca Marshall, Ron Canada

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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