A Rising Tide
Review by Ross Anthony

Young, bright, big-hearted, optimistic, change-the-world North Americans set up a school in the neediest parts of the Dominican Republic, where they say the water is contaminated and the public schools, for those lucky enough to attend, fail to educate.

This short documentary invites viewers to spend eighty minutes hanging out with bold educators willing to live in a place with no paved roads, running water or electricity. The do-gooders tell us about their motives and methods so that we might be inspired to follow their lead in other parts of the world. We also hear from whole-heartedly appreciative locals.

The pace is mellow and laid-back, and the visuals chockfull of melt-your-heart immediately, warm-camera shots of smiling kids captured on film with a non-posed, beautiful-moment, genuine candidness that's sure to charm.

As far as funding, the doc implies heavily that it's all taken care of by distributing coffee to one Austin, TX based café called Dominican Joe. I'd have liked the doc to inform more about how that works. Was the school able to put some of the adult locals to work as part of that middle-man coffee business? Where are the coffee plantations with respect to their school? Would they like to distribute to other cafes? Could I buy green coffee direct from them and help support their efforts, too?

In sum, it's a sweet documentary. Watch it and get inspired to do something good in the world. Donate to Makarios, volunteer at your local in-need organization, or poke your arm up with a bunch of shots so you can fly halfway around the world to live without hot showers, but earn yourself the biggest, warmest heart you've ever had pumping in your chest.

In the spirit of full disclosure: 1) I'm a coffee-aficionado (I roast my own at home). 2) In my younger days, I volunteered a year of my life teaching in a third world country. 3) I know the director/producer of this documentary, Randall Dark. So, no doubt, I'm biased. But, I ain't lyin' neither.
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  • Makarios: A Rising Tide. Copyright © 2011.
  • Directed by Randall Dark at Austin Ridge Productions

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