Grant me a Song
Music and Lyrics
Review by Ross Anthony

In About a Boy Hugh Grant played the son of a songwriter. In American Dreamz he played the host of an “American Idol” type musical talent show. Here, the momentum from his 1980’s pop band is finally winding down. Still, he’s given one big chance to write a song for Cora (a Britney Spears type mega teen star). He only needs a lyricist. Can you guess who that might be?

“Music & Lyrics” entertains! I laughed, I got all choked up, I smiled. I left happy. Yes, there were some short scenes that stuck out as bland, but that’s because mostly the whole film is entertaining. The dialogue is loaded with many, many snickers, and while there aren’t too many belly-busters, there are some very heartfelt moments. And that music video open that spoofs 1980’s MTV bands like Duran Duran – is absolutely hilarious. It had me in tears for fears.

Grant plays the same sort of character in all his movies – likeable, good looking, funny, but somewhat of a jerk. Compared to the other films (which I enjoyed – especially About a Boy he’s much less of a jerk here). Barrymore plays the cute, single, but somewhat of a nutcase woman that stumbles into the role of lyricist. A tad rickety or hokey here and there plotwise, but very amusing dialogue, acting, production overall. This is a highly entertaining romantic comedy. A very strong A- (almost a full A).

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  • Music and Lyrics. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Kristen Johnston, Campbell Scott, Haley Bennett.
  • Directed by Marc Lawrence.
  • Screenplay by Marc Lawrence.
  • Produced by Martin Shafer, Liz Glotzer at WarnerBros/Castle Rock/Village Roadshow/Reserve Room.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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