Suicide Decide
On the Edge
Review by Ross Anthony

While in Holland, I spoke with a Dutch man who told me about his rebellious son who hated school and wanted to drop out. The two of them took a couple of weeks in Egypt where his boy made friends with local teens there who appreciated the opportunity of "school." That experience changed the rebellious son; he came home to Holland motivated to jumpstart his education. This movie reminded me of that warm story.

On the Edge

An Irish "Good Will Hunting" of sorts, but edgier (no pun intended). A suicidal 19-year-old lands himself in a psychiatric group home. Amidst his own kind (or those worse off) he rediscovers himself.

Excellent dialogue, direction, acting and solid cinematography. Powerful first act, very powerful second act -- third act slightly less powerful.

"On the Edge" could have found a better title, and the tag "A joyride through sex and love and other activities" doesn't fit the film.

(btw, I reviewed from DVD.)

  • On the Edge. Copyright © 2002. Rated R.
  • Starring Cillian Murphy, Tricia Vessey, Stephen Rea, Jonathan Jackson. Directed by John Carney.
  • Written by Daniel James & John Carney.
  • Produced by Ed Guiney, Arthur Lappin at Universal Pictures/Hell's Kitchen/Blank Page.


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