Full of Crop
The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Review by Ross Anthony

What a beautiful documentary. First of all, it's completely fascinating. So much to learn. Secondly, the topic hits home -- even if home for you isn't a farm. Thirdly, it's a biography about an American -- not a celebrity, not a politician, not a rich person, just an American trying his best to make a life for himself and find that thing he's supposed to de doing. There should be more biographies like that.

Fourthly, it has a big warm heart -- the size of the sun setting over a wheat field.

Fifthly, it'll make you laugh, cry and smile -- a lot.

Sixthly, you learn stuff.

Seventhly, it combines in a very beautiful way conservative views and liberal views into a sweet harmony at a time when America so needs to see that example. There are so many gorgeous amber fields of grain between left and right.

Eighthly, this film challenges us to drop labels, rumors, suspicions and instead, look just a little deeper to see people for the beautifully complex creatures we all are.

Ninethly, it reminds us to stay on track -- even when the obstacles mount one after the other. And even if our goal might not change, our direction of attack may need an update.

Tenthly, Oh just see it.

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  • The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Copyright © 2007.
  • Narrated by John Peterson.
  • Directed by Taggart Siegel.
  • Screenplay by John Peterson.
  • Produced by Teri Lang at Awakened Media.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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