Kung Fu Repackaged
Shaolin Soccer
Review Review by Ross Anthony

So impressed with "Kung Fu Hustle" was I that I went right out and rented "Shaolin Soccer."

What a wonderful film! Yes, funny! Don't be confused, this is a comedy, not really a sports film at all. And not quite a martial arts flick. Writer/Actor/Director Stephen Chow has "repackaged" Kung Fu to bring a smile to your face and a howl to your belly. I laughed so hard I slapped my knee and the knee of my friend.

The film has the feel of "The Longest Yard" or "Blues Brothers." Recruiting the "team" comprises most of the movie. Chow, seeking some other more commercial application of his Kung Fu expertise, stumbles across an old soccer coach looking for a job.

Though very strong, the film still has its less than perfect moments. Perhaps I missed something in the English subtitles, but the build up to the moment of Kung Fu power re-birth for the brothers caught me by surprise. I would have expected more tease toward that. And lastly, and somewhat surprisingly, while the actual soccer competitions are fun at first, they go just a tad long.

Still this a fall-out-of-the-chair fun movie. After you rent this, you've got to see "Kung Fu Hustle" as well. I'll be eagerly anticipating Stephen's next flick.

  • Shaolin Soccer. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Stephen Chiau Sing-chi, Vicky Zhao-wei, Mang-tat Ng, Wong Yet-fai, Patrick Tse Yin, Chan Kwok-kuen, Karen Mok Man-wai, Cecilia Cheung Pak.
  • Directed by Stephen Chiau Sing-chi.
  • Screenplay by Stephen Chiau Sing-chi, Tsang Kan-cheung.
  • Produced by Stephen Chiau Sing-chi, Yeung Kwok-fai at Universe/Star Overseas Ltd .

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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