Peter Hanson's and Paul Robert Herman's
Tales from the Script
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a no-nonsense documentary that dives headlong into meaty interviews. Actually, the interviewer's questions have been edited out, making the final product all the more concentrated on its content.

This doc pulls screenwriters out from behind their scenes and places them directly on the screen. Not surprisingly, writers seldom find themselves at a lack for words. I found them fascinating. I was riveted. However, I must admit some bias. I've written six or so scripts myself, and have been in talks with agents and/or producers, etc. However, as of yet, I'm still unproduced in the script department. So watching this doc, I felt like an apt snorkeler watching footage shot by scuba divers.

Though I've heard many similar horror stories before, this doc seems to put them all in one place. It has the feel of the definitive "Tale." Nearly without exception, each screenwriter speaks of the belittling aspects of Hollywood production. The painful, yet very real, event of selling off your child to be cut and pasted at the will and whimsy of those far less qualified. And the need to learn to do it with a smile.

This is a must see for anyone with a script or an intention to write one. It's also likely inspiring, in a tough love sort of way, for anyone with any kind of ambition.

I especially like this quote from Ron Shelton, "The goal posts keep moving. You can moan about, or learn to kick the ball through moving goal posts."

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  • Tales from the Script. Copyright © 2010.
  • Interviews with Allison Anders, John August, Shane Black, John Carpenter, Frank Darabont, Antwone Fisher, William Goldman, David Hayter, Bruce Joel Rubin, Paul Schrader, Guinevere Turner, David S. Ward, Mike Binder, Nora Ephron, Robert Mark Kamen, Paul Mazursky.
  • Directed by Peter Hanson.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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