Don't Think ... Feel.
That's the Way I Like It
Review by Ross Anthony

Shot in Singapore, "That's the way I like it" is in English (or as they say .. "Singlish") with no subtitles. We follow Ah Hock as he matures from a rather selfish young adult into a caring individual with a wider view of the world.

Still a kid at heart, Ah Hock is in love with Bruce Lee and a Triumph motorcycle his job at the grocery store could never support. But it's 1977 and "Saturday Night Fever" finally dances into Singapore. Hock grabs gal-buddy Mai and the two take lessons in hopes of winning a dance contest so Hock can buy the bike of his dreams.

The movie follows the classic plot line of US golden oldie films: underdog goes for a dream, gets advice from imaginary friend, is forced to take on the advisory and ultimately learns a greater lesson for the effort.

Starting out kind of sticky (like a student piece), the film slowly matures (much like it's primary character). Ultimately schmaltzy, you'll leave the theater and feel good all night.

  • That's the Way I Like It. Copyright © 1999.
  • Starring Adrian Pang, Madeline Tan and Pierre Png.
  • Written and Directed by Glen Goei.
  • Produced by Glen Goei, Jeffrey Chiang and Tan Chih Cong at Tiger Tiger.
  • Distributed by Miramax.


[Interview with Glen Goei]

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