Wild Pet
True Wolf
Review by Ross Anthony

This is a pleasant enough documentary about a family that decides to raise a wild wolf from pup to grave. Well, they're not an ordinary family, the wife's biologist status probably makes them a bit special. Although, the decision was more accidental than deliberate. And while the magnetic shots of the wolf and its integration into the lives of this couple (and their dogs) is quite interesting, it's really the larger wolf controversy that drives this production. Namely, (and to grossly generalize), should locals reserve the right to eradicate wolves (as predators and nuisances) from their surroundings or should wolves be protected by law as part of the natural ecosystem?

The documentary spends a lot of time convincing the viewer that archaic myths fuel modern wolf-hate. But this is not equally balanced with the damage and deaths to livestock, pets etc that are not a matter of myth. Nor are any statistics given regarding attacks on humans.

Those interviewed (especially the wolf-hosting couple) are highly likeable and thankfully philosophic about their own endeavor. But, the doc goes a bit long reaching its pivot-point, after which the focus becomes more squarely on the problem of having a wolf in the house and how well it accepts the passing of its canine buddies. That section is quite beautiful, but again, 10-12 minutes could have been cut prior to it.

Here's the director's statement: "I moved to the mountains of Montana nearly 14 years ago after hearing a wolf howl deep in the heart of the Bob Marshall wilderness. To me that howl defined what it meant to be wild and I knew that I needed to live close to that wildness. Since that moment, I have desired to make a film about wolves. Behaviorally, they fascinate me as they share a remarkable commonality with the social structure of the human family. But what fascinates me even more is that the wolf evokes such wild emotions among us humans. I could have reacted to that howl with fear, but what struck me even more was the curiosity as to why I was so moved by that haunting sound that I chose to pick up my life and be close to it."  

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Grade..........................B (2/4)

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