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Under the Sea 3D Imax
Review by Ross Anthony

Scuba equipment is expensive and heavy. Preparation is time consuming. You have to take a certain amount of risk, not to mention the temperature and pressure issues. Save the hassle and dive into your local Imax theater for "Under the Sea 3D." You don't even have to get wet! I screened this large format pearl at California Science Center. Even after enjoying the center's fantastic giant walk-through aquarium, this film still greatly entertained and educated me.

Like an intense bouquet of flowers, the film is chock full of colors and shapes. These elegant creatures are stunningly lit and captured on 3D with beautiful care, appreciation and flare. Thankfully, the editors have assembled these spectacular and curious sea creature images with grace and pace. The shots are just the right length. They're long enough to enjoy, examine, and discover. Swim along with a drifting angelfish whose sail-like "wings" wave in the current. Or marvel at the majestic and dramatic leafy sea dragon whose appendages turn it into a floating salad. Each creature gets its own revealing close-up and personal scene to sparkle. Then we move on to the next. Each sequence and its shots are generous, but not so long that the piece stalls in the water.

Highlights include turquoise/black venomous sea snakes slithering from the screen towards the audience. A class of young school children shrieked. From this fright, the picture moves on to fishy nightlights. A school of neon striped catfish streak the darkness with a phosphorescent trail of glow sticks. Then up from the sand, garden eels protrude like a grassy field of question marks appropriately inspiring wonder. The modest cuddle fish floats by. It's not much to look at, unless you gaze long enough to see him eerily vary the color and design of his swimsuit. Be forewarned, how they hunt and eat their pray can be a tad bit shocking. While many of these peculiar organisms find a way to help each other survive, many many others find a way to make lunch of slow or oblivious swimmers.

The production comes up for air from time to time, punctuating its nearly entirely underwater offerings with some equally breathtaking above the surface photography. (I love the twilight shot.) Jim carry narrates swimmingly, taking great care with each sentence and each word. From the ominous and awesome great white shark to the lovable puppy-like sea lions, you'll get your money's worth.

Under the Sea 3D Imax
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  • Under the Sea 3D Imax. Copyright © 2011.
  • Narrated by Jim Carrey. Directed by Howard Hall. Written by Howard Hall, Toni Myers. IMAX/Warner Bros.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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