Brothers In Law
We Own the Night
Review by Ross Anthony

Okay, let's start with the good. The acting is pretty strong (I like these stars), the direction passionate, some of the writing interesting and the late 70's/80's NY period makes a nice choice of time frame and it's effectively conjured for this cops vs. drug-dealers tale.

The film on the whole is bleak and laborious. At its core, the picture endeavors to tell the story of two brothers -- one a stern cop, the other a partying club manager and their chief of police father. There's some very serious drama winding these three together despite an energy to tear them apart -- I bought in. But, because of either unbelievable or undeveloped progressions in the telling, I lost my suspension of belief and instead was left with only a stripped down version of suspense to draw me along.

I simply do not "buy," the police letting a notorious bad guy escape from their custody when this bad guy had been killing cops and even threatened to kill the chief of police personally. I don't buy it. Among other difficult things to swallow, I don't think technology was advanced enough to put a microphone, batteries, and a transmitter inside a working cigarette lighter. And even then, simply carrying it in a pocket would only create a muffled inaudible sound.

Nonetheless, if you like a slow brooding suspense film, maybe you'll like this one. The title "We Own the Night" was the motto of the 1980s era NYPD street crimes unit.


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  • We Own the Night. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Robert Duvall.
  • Written and Directed by James Gray.
  • Produced by Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin, Nick Wechsler, Marc Butan at Columbia/2929

Grade..........................C+ (1/4)

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