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Whiz Kids
Review by Ross Anthony

With so much focus in the news on kids in gangs or on drugs or shooting up schools, it's only fair that our best and brightest get some screen time. For that reason, I celebrate this documentary.

That said, the production has its faults. The first and greatest is a weak-out-of-the-box opening. As one of the young high school age scientist learned from her apt friend, "It's not just about the facts, it's about conveying that information in an entertaining way." (I paraphrase.) The doc knows this and shows effort. The inclusions of fun chalkboard animations illustrate the abstract concepts explained by these brainy students. But it's simply not enough. The first 10 minutes are not punchy, even for me, a member of the choir, not the unconverted.

However, viewers will be rewarded for their patience. The drama heats up as these academics show more of their delicate emotional sides. And real or not, the doc sets up a head-to-head battle between one of these teens and the company of DuPont over chemicals in local water reserves. Her story is perhaps the most compelling. By the hour mark, Whiz Kids had completely won me over. In fact, when the final awards were given to the top 3 of 40 science hopefuls (in the country) I was appalled that the rewards weren't fatter and wider. If these really were the 40 best sci-smart kids the USA has to offer, why where only 3 given scholarship money? I applaud Intel for putting that contest together. But, seems to me a few phone calls to foundations etc would yield some ed-funds for these 37 others. Heck, why not pay an additional 50k to hire a professional individual to serve as an educational rep/agent for these kids for one full year. Haven't these kids earned the right to have someone who knows the system acquire scholarships offered via universities or elsewhere, and take care of the time-consuming application process etc.?

So, ultimately, I enjoyed the production. But, I had hoped this doc could serve to inspire less-inspired students. But, unmotivated viewers willing to have a look, will give up on this piece after 3 minutes (or less) without a reworked punchy open. Hmmm, or perhaps, teachers could start the DVD at 30 minutes in, that would cut the run time to 50 minutes, which would better fit a class period.

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  • Whiz Kids. Copyright © 2010.
  • Directed by Tom Shepard and Tina DiFeliciantonio. Written by Jane C. Wagner. Produced by Michel Duca. Distributed by Shadow.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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