Energy Quest
Who Killed the Electric Car
Review by Ross Anthony

Remember that cute little electric car that weíd see on the road every once in a while? Or the small fleet of EVís owned by some postal carrier or small business? What happened to them? This documentary looks at the possible suspects in the death of the oh-so-promising electric vehicle: consumers, oil companies, car manufacturers, government and even the Hydrogen Fuel Cell car.

Itís really a very interesting program even though it slants toward electric car lovers. The footage of car companies reeling in all their leased EVís while the consumers cry for their cars back -- itís simply fascinating. Itís understandable that the car companies didnít like being forced to make these cars and itís understandable that they were happy to have the lawís bindings released from them, but why did they seemingly seek out each of these cute little cars only to crush them? Itís this event that makes them look bad and the documentary offers no representative from the car companies with a constructive explanation. Iím still curious.

This is a good, albeit slightly slanted, look at a subject which is fast becoming powerfully important -- oil. Oil seems to be the food of economies. It is sought and fought after, itís making billionaires and just about everyone who lives in the developed world is dangerously reliant on it. Is oil big only because it works -- or are there alternatives that arenít being allowed to play in the big leagues?

Oh, and as a driver of a Prius, I was quite curious about the plug in adaptation mentioned for this currently widely available hi-bred. (The plug in property boosts this cars mpg from around 45-50 to around 125-150 -- for the first 60 miles of travel).

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  • Who Killed the Electric Car. Copyright © 2006.
  • Narrated by Martin Sheen.
  • Directed by Chris Paine.
  • Produced by by Jessie Deeter at Sony.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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