Motorcycle Man
The World's Fastest Indian
Review by Ross Anthony

No, this is not a film about Native Americans running through the countryside, or East Indians in a marathon. The Indian in question here is a brand of motorcycle once made in America and esteemed for its speed and quality.

Burt Munro (Hopkins) somehow got a hold of a 1920's model as a young man in New Zealand and spent the rest of his life making it faster and faster while dreaming of breaking speed records in the salt flats of Utah, half the world away. He endeavors to live that dream before the inevitably of his body giving out to old age. Don't worry this comment doesn't really give anything away.

It's a sweet film with a Crocodile Dundee Sr. sensibility (pardon the Aussie reference). Burt is a very focused man and his persistence and passion seem to dash away the multitude of difficult circumstances that come his way. His chin up, smile and commitment to his craft win over stranger after stranger and no doubt they'll win you over as well.

You don't have to have grease under your fingernails to appreciate this film. And the message "Pursue You Dreams" rings out as loud as a hand-bored motorcycle engine.

Though ironically a little slow in places and yes, a bit schmaltzy at times too; the cinematography is as warm as the acting and script, and the music/sound editing is top notch.

  • The World's Fastest Indian. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, Aaron Murphy, Annie Whittle, Chris Bruno, Bruce Greenwood.
  • Written and Directed by Roger Donaldson.
  • Produced by Roger Donaldson, Gary Hannam at Magnolia/OLC/Rights/Tanlay/Nzfilmpf/NZFilmCom.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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