Taking a Ride on the Big Screen
The Young Black Stallion
Review by Ross Anthony

The Young Black Stallion This is an oddity. A narrative story in the Large Screen, 50-minute format. Though skeptical, I really had hoped it would work. While the production doesn't fail, it certainly doesn't excel either.

The picture is at its best with music, big sky, interesting terrain and a charming girl on the back of a beautiful horse. There's nothing wrong with these and the picture offers a lot of them. But where things start to fall below Disney standards is in the acting/dialogue.

The story is rather simple, and for the most part, dialogue is limited -- but why not skip it all together? We'll catch on ... little girl and mustang fall in love and are faster than any other horses in the land be it Africa, the Middle East, or Utah.

Kids may still enjoy this film (though a little slow in parts), but I'd have loved to seen it shot just a little more poetically, a little more with grandeur, a film that makes you feel like you've just been on the bareback of a wild colt. Pull in the artistic and make a world film that needs no dubbing.

  • The Young Black Stallion. Copyright © 2003. Rated G. 51 minutes.
  • Starring Biana G. Tamimi, Richard Romanus, Patrick Elyas, Gerard Rudolf, Ali Al Ameri, Andries Rossouw.
  • Directed by Simon Wincer.
  • Screenplay by Jeanne Rosenberg.
  • Based on the book by: Walter Farley and Steven Farley.
  • Produced by Fred Roos, Frank Marshall at Disney.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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